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Dating is one of the part of science, it is an art, and one part just being able to show up on time. By this time dating has become more and more common with thousands of people from teenagers to senior. From this you can know: how you can find your girlfriend, boyfriend or partner; what you have to do, what you have to avoid and how to keep your relationship healthy, strong and much more interesting.

Get a friend: Know person can be happy without a bosom friend. You don’t have any girlfriend or boyfriend ! Oh, nooo! You are helpless, you are unhappy, you are mad, your life is not fulfill. Finding a bosom friend is not impossible.  Know yourself, how you are? Be punctual, be smart, be polite, be frank or open minded and must be unique. When you get the company of your bosom friend, Guess! What a great moment it is. You are the great one of the earth for this moment. By this time your emotions reached at the highest level.
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After get a friend: Think, what are you want to do now? I am sure that you will want to meet with your friend and spent some moment in close on the outside like a park, restaurant or your special chosen place to date with him/her.  But because of your just a simple mistake, this pleasurable moment has never come again in your life. So don’t  make any mistake. If you want to continue it for a long time or get again and again this dating moment in your life, follow those dating tips that can help you about dating experience and a sense of ease with the opposite sex.
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Look your best: Try to make a difference yourself from anyone. It is easy. You need not to wear a gorgeous dress or take a colorful makeup. But you should wear a simple clean dress ( try to wear your or your friend favorite colored dress as well as age-appropriate attire), take a simple makeup that you look beautiful. You also wear a fashionable watch or bracelet, a goggles and polish shoes. Take a good style of your hair because it is one the most important step to look you best. Always try to take some exercise to you more smart and beauty.

Find a romantic venue: Find a beautiful place where you can spend your romantic moment. Choose a spot such as miniature golf, at a park, at the beach, in the mountains or at a nice restaurant. But be sure the spot is safety that both of you will feel so comfortable, also can surely feel the essence of love, romance and affection to each other.

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Always be confident: Don’t feel uneasy. Always try to keep confident yourself. Keep a smile on your face, never frown; be funny and not boring at the dating time.  Mind it, you are in a romantic moment. Start by knowing your partner’s interests about what he/she loves and hates. Then converse and share anything with frankly and straightforward manner that assumes that your friend’s answer will be yes. Always try to make your partner happier by doing something what he/she loves most. It is one of the strategies to attract your friend.

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Keep attention: It is the time and place to express the crying of your heart and understand both you each other. So it is the most important to keep attention that what your partner wants to say, means, share with you. Always contribute in every conversation. Your conversation during your date with your friend should be interesting and not boring. Ask questions to your partner, listen attentively to him/her opinions and you also give your opinions to make him/her know how much interested you are in him/her views and this will make your date lively.

Maintain Eye Contact: Establish a strong eye contact with your partner while you are in the dating time. Because if your friend observes you constantly failing to meet his gaze, he/she may guess that you are bored with him/her or that your mind is elsewhere. Then your partner may diminishes your company. If you  really want to enjoy the dating moment,  make sure your full attention towards your partner by staring into his/her eyes continuously.

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Don't be negative: Always try to stay positive. Please don’t share your any negative site or weakness with your partners as like about what shocks in your life, how much you’re crazy, your wife left you, you've lost or gained weight, you're in debt, your secret disease like kidney stones or irritable bowel syndrome etc. It is better to keep quiet or take your partner to play games than to start talking about someone else in order to please him/her. Specially remind you that don't ever discuss about your past relationships. If you do this, your partner will soon find out that you are deceitful and it makes him/her insecure. So always show you uniqueness  and try to be yourself.
Others condition: Don’t be crazy to your partners, the waiter, doorman, toll collector, or any other person.Always try to keep very cool. Don’t be proud about your money or achievements.

Don’t take alcohol before or during your dating moments, because getting drunk will give your partner a lot of bad impression about you.Try to put your mobile phones on silent mode during your dating time, because if you have a call, you must take the call then it will make you look rude and make your friend fell you are not interested in him/her.

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Take just a romance: Sit very closely beside you each other. During the dating moments initiate any romantic intimate, in order to spark a sexual spirit. It's not that women are not interested in sex.  Try to touch your partners hand or arm during the conversation. Take a frequent eye contact. It is advisable for the man to kiss the girlfriend on her lips, so that she can feel an everlasting love.

 Don’t forget to take the decision of next dating date in a new place.

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